Wach GmbH

The Webcams in use here were originally intended for surveillance in  areas such as banks or security organisations.
A particularly high picture quality is guaranteed.

Used outdoors, the system comprises up to four cameras. The components for power supply, maintenance,  controlling and picture transmission are situated in a weatherproofed boxed interface.

At the open air-bath Balingen, the following type of camera is in use:

-  Two lenses
      Wide angle lens
      Telephoto lens
   Luminous sensivity by 1/60 sec.

  43 mm,
135 mm,
  0.1 resp.

 f-stop 2.0
 f-stop 2.5
 1.0 lux

Further technical data:

-  Picture resolution:
-  Storage size:
-  Controlling by time:
-  Controlling by events:
-  Internet access:
-  Alert notification:
-  Price for each system:

1.280 x 960 Pixel
128 MByte
Up to 12 frames per second
Noise detection and / or motion by a LowNight (IR)-sensor
SMS, email or phone call
approx. 4,300.00 EUR